Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What kind of material do you handle?

A- We use Northern White Cedar because of its durability and resistance to decay. It can be left to weather naturally to a beautiful silvery-gray or it can be stained different colors

Q- What styles of fence do we offer?

A- We offer spaced picket, stockade and rail fencing. All of our fencing can be custom built to any height, length, style or configuration.

Q- Do you build animal enclosures?

A- We install a simple frame fence constructed with 5-inch posts and 4-inch rails with light gauge wire for dog kennels / runs and a heavy-duty 3 or 4-rail fence for horse, cattle and other large animal corrals.

Q- Can you enclose pools?

A- Yes, we typically use a 4-foot (4′) tall space picket or a rail fence with wire to meet local building codes for pool enclosures.

Q- How long are sections of fence?

A- Rail fence sections can be up to 10-feet (10′) long while picket and stockade fence sections are typically 8-feet (8′) long, but can be less.

Q- How deep are posts buried in the ground?

A- Typically, all rail fence posts are set at a depth of 24-inches deep. Stockade and picket fence post depths range from 24-inches to 36-inches depending on the height of the panels. Most gateposts are set 48-inches deep due to the added strain gates puts on a post. Usually, animal enclosure posts are set at 30-inches deep or greater.

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