An experienced crew led by Eli Whitney can install all our fence types in Western Massachusetts and surrounding areas.  The proper installation of a fence is critical to achieving a finished product that will stand the test of time, flow with the contours of your site and display the full value of our Northern White Cedar material.

The geographic areas where we install fence include Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

There are several important factors that are often overlooked during fence conceptualization and installation that Whitney Fence takes very seriously:

  • Topographic Conditions: Our fence will flow with the natural contours of the land, matching grades on steep or undulating ground without stepping or introducing significant uneven gaps between the finished grade and fence bottom.
  • Layout and Function: Our fence will be precisely straight or cleanly follow a radius without kinks or un-plumb posts.  We will work with you to preserve important views and ensure pedestrian flows and optimal site functionality is maintained.
  • Maintaining Site Integrity: We will keep site disturbance to a minimum; often working with hand tools in tight or difficult locations to ensure no property damage occurs.  Care is taken to make sure the integrity of your property is maintained and enhanced and that the site is left in a clean condition with no remnant debris.

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